Story time: music

Ok so in 6th grade Science our amazing teacher would let us listen to music on our chrome books. I really like music so of course I would take advantage of this privalage. I remember one day I was listening to music will working on my homework. I was really focused on the homework therefore not focused on anything else. After about 15 minutes I finish the assignment I take out my headphones and start getting up as I’m walking over to hand in my paper I notice how many people are staring at me in confusion. I get back to my desk, I had assumed that everyone was staring because I was standing and walking and all that but even once I sat down people were still looking. I turned to my desk partner and ask him why everyone staring. He has this really confused look on his face like I should know and he says I’m a really low voice

“You’ve been singing through the whole work time.”

I was sooo embarrassed. He point of this story is to tell you always pay attention! Zoning out never goes well.

Thriving tip #2: pop culture references

In school you’ll often find people talking about various pop culture things, whether it be singers, reality tv, popular shows, etc.. Keeping up with pop culture is very helpful it will allow you to join in on interesting conversations and meet new people. If you don’t keep up with popular things you may find yourself being left out or confused well your fellow classmates chat.

Let me give you an example of what could happen if you are not all caught up. Imagine you’re in study hall and the teacher has allowed you to talk, your table starts talking about the last season of the bachelor, you have never watched the bachelor because you just haven’t felt like it. You try to join in and say some things so you’re part of the conversation but as their talk continues you start to become more and more confused you can’t keep up so you decide to just read your book. You hear your classmates laugh at the references and you start to wish you had just watched that stupid show.

It seems silly but with all of the free time we have these days watching a few episodes of a show or scrolling through a celebrity’s instagram is very doable. Keep up with pop culture so you can contribute to converstations.

Survival tip #2: breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when you’re in middle school sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth it. If you don’t eat breakfast it seems to make your whole morning routine easier.

Even though not eating breakfast seems like a good idea sometimes without that ego waffle or peice of toast your day will be so much worse. For starters focusing is going to be a lot harder without breakfast since all you can think about it food. You’ll also be so hungry that it will cause you pain. Lastly there isn’t anything more embarrassing than when you’re taking a test and your stomach decides to demonstrate a whale sound.

Sure you can cut ten minutes out of your morning but is that ten minutes really worth a day of regret? Eat breakfast.

Story Time: The First Friend I Made

Going into middle school is nerve racking. For most your going to a new school with many new people. One of your biggest concerns is likely making friends, I know that was defiantly one of mine. In this story I’ll be telling you about how I made my first friend.

It was the first day of school, period one I would have advisory or study hall in Mr. Stacks room. After asking several teachers where to find this classroom I finally stumbled on room 177 in the middle team center. My heart raced as I walked through the door, I surveyed the tables trying to decide where to sit. On the left side I saw my brother and his friends laughing, did I want to sit there? No. On he right I saw a boy who I mentioned I’m Surviving tip #1: deodorant, Gerald, did I want to sit my Gerald and his friends? No. Finally in the middle was a table with a short blonde girl who looked pretty friendly. I decided to sit at that table. Though we would become friends later she was not my first friend. As the minute bell rang another girl walked in, she had long brown hair and glasses. Just by looking at her you could see how truly confident she was. She walked directly to the table I was sitting at, pulled out the chair in front of me, and sat.

“Do you want to be my friend?” She said staring directly at me.

“Um…sure?” I hesitated. Her question caught me off gaurd but I did really want to be friends with her. We ended up talking for the rest of the period and to this day we still talk, and that is how I made my first friend.

I think a great tip for when you want to make friends is to just be confident or at least make it seem like you’re confident. Alright that’s all thanks for reading!

Thriving tip #1: Smiling

You’ve likely been told to smile at least once in your life and you’ve probably rolled your eyes and ignored it. Well at school if you want to make yourself more approachable a smile is key.

In order to make a friend you must first approach that person or be approached. And I can’t speak for others but I prefer option number 2. In order to be approached you must look friendly, if you walk around frowning and glaring at your classmates you decrease the chance of one of the initiating a conversation by about 99.999%. If you look scary then people will in fact be scared of you.

If your walking in the hallway and you  lock eyes with a nice looking person across the hall…smile! Don’t give them a weird look and then quickly turn your head away. That friendly schoolmate could be your best friend if you play your cards right but one aggressive glance could spoil everything.

In conclusion smile and do your best to look friendly you’ll quickly see how easy it is to meet new people and make your school life so much more enjoyable!


Survival Tip #1: Deoderant

Yes I’m sure you’ve already heard how important wearing deodorant is, you may not have payed much attention to your gym teacher or your mom but well you please pay attention to me, your fellow middle schooler? I think the only way to properly show you how important it is to wear deodorant is to give you a scenario.

Imagine this, it’s the first day of middle school you walk into your period one Social Studies only to find you know no one in that class. You scan the room hoping to find a familiar face to sit by, luckily you notice a class mate you talked briefly to at orientation. They look up at you and smile so you decide you should take a seat next to them. As you walk closer their smile suddenly changes into a frown.

“Oh my gosh! What is that smell?” They say in disgust.

Horror crosses your face as you realize the smell they’re referring to is in fact coming from your armpits.

“Um I-I don’t know.” You stutter

Your hesitation gives away the answer. You feel humiliated and your face starts to turn red. All of this could have been avoided if that morning well you were getting ready you had just put on some deodorant. You may think that this scenario is over exaggerated but it’s not. I watched it go down my 1st period English class between a boy who we’ll call Gerald and another who we’ll call Peter. Though they sat next to each other the first month of school they never became friends and after two years they still haven’t spoken a word to each other.

Now that I’ve stressed the importance of deodorant allow me to give you one more piece of advice. If you are a boy DO NOT WEAR OLD SPICE! There is nothing more revolting than having a locker next to someone who is covered in “Old Spice Wild Collection Re-Fresh Body Spray, Wolf-thorn.” (Yes I asked.) This boy wore so much that you could smell him coming down the hall. He would re apply his spray once a day, and let me tell you it was the worst scent I think I have ever smelled, worse that B.O., worse than a trash can, worse than the food they served at lunch!

And with that last tip our blog has come to a close, smell good and avoid embarrassment, wear deodorant, good bye for now!

The Introduction.

Well here you are, you’ve landed on our little blog. I’m sure you’re wondering… “Who are you? and What have you come to write about?”.  All of your questions are about to be answered. First of all we are two 8th grade girls. We believe that after two years of Middle School we’ve learned enough to guide moms, dads, new middle schoolers, and just students searching for help.

On our home page you’ll find 7 tabs, home (not important, moving on.) Contact, We would like you to use contact to either email us your questions or to ask for advice, don’t use your real name and make sure to clearly state your question/problem. This brings us to our next tab, the help column. We will use the help column to answer your questions/give you advice, if you’ve sent an email expect a typed up response in about 3 days. Then we have the how to survive tab, in this tab we will give you pointers on how to make your school years bearable. Next up we have the how to thrive tab, in this tab we will teach you how to make those educational years of your life incredible. Last but certainly not least, we have the stories tab, this tab will feature personal experiences from the bloggers.

Well that’s all we hope that we have captured your interest and you will stick around. Thank you for reading.